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Proactive Inventory Management

By September 18, 2019No Comments

Blockchain can address the challenges of a fragmented supply chain and optimize inventory management? By design, Blockchain enables CPG brands and manufacturers to connect each party in their value chain — from suppliers and production sites, to distribution centers and retail partners — with permanent record of every, single transaction that takes place. These records are stored and accessible to everyone within the network. This level of transparency and permanency can be helpful for manufacturers that have to manage product origins, traceability, potential recalls and even perishable goods that have a limited shelf life.

The essence to a Blockchain solution is the fact that the data flows seamlessly between parties in real time. Manufacturers can thereby gain instant visibility into consumer-level demand — something they could not achieve before. As a result, they can more accurately forecast demand and proactively plan for manufacturing and replenishment, rather than simply react to stockouts.

Connect a efficient Blockchain to Artificial intelligence and you have the capability to predict monitor and enable your team to sell Globally products as to not disrupt US distribution, Produce proper amounts to satisfy just in time inventory requirements and maintain full visibility to all authorized parties in a manner that ensures compliance and Digital security.

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